Special Interview with Mr.Jun, President of Global Business Division


1. About IDIS

Joining IDIS in 2014 presented both challenges and opportunities. At that point, IDIS had already been proving itself since 1997 as a leading OEM and ODM business. By the turn of the century, we were the world’s #1 DVR manufacturer. And yet we were launching IDIS’ own brand at a time when Chinese manufacturers were on the rise and a ‘race to the bottom’ on price was well underway. I knew we needed a long-term strategy that wasn’t the typical five year program that many tech firms adopt. We needed to focus beyond short term goals and follow a more sustainable strategy working closely with the whole security buying chain from. I was privileged to have the support of our founder and CEO, YD Kim, in agreeing to this long-term plan.  

We stayed true to many of the core values that had guided us since our initial brand launch in 2013. Our objective was for IDIS to be the world’s most trusted end-to-end video solutions vendor, ensuring that our technology is simple to install and operate, making it easy for customers to upgrade to network surveillance from analog CCTV or legacy IP without complexity.

We’ve maintained our focus on our core strengths, giving our customers high quality, high performance South Korean technology; inherent cybersecurity and failover; extended warranties; and software free of ongoing maintenance agreements and device connection costs. All these benefits combined add up to an industry-beating low total cost of ownership (TCO) for our customers.

The complete, end-to-end solutions model gives end-users significant cost and efficiency advantages, and this is increasingly understood. We now see that buyers recognize that the true price of any video solution includes ongoing maintenance and running costs, not just up-front capital investment, and against both measures IDIS is proving very competitive.

For systems integrators, we have developed attractive revenue advantages, with our out-of-the-box solutions better supporting pricing, design, and workflow to reduce the total cost to service (TCS). IDIS video tech makes projects easier to win and faster and more efficient to deliver, and it opens more options for recurring revenue and upgrades. Integrators can also give their customers the assurance of forward-and-backward compatibility, making it easy to upgrade, with the confidence that if a user wants to add a new camera or deploy the latest deep learning analytics, the technology will 100% work.

We’ve overcome the challenge presented by low-price and low-quality Chinese equipment and become South Korea’s largest in-country manufacturer of trusted and proven one-stop video solutions. Today, we offer an impressive range of plug-and-play NDAA-compliant cameras, recorders, network accessories and a choice of VMS. Our company has grown to operate across 50 countries, with 100+ strategic partners and regional offices in Europe, the Middle East, and North America. And, most recently, we’ve opened our Tokyo office.

geographies. By the second half of 2020, our longer-term strategy began paying off strongly, as our brand awareness really became established. Increasingly customers, both systems integrators and end-users, saw us as a go-to-partner who could supply everything needed for rapid design and implementation of surveillance and AI-powered analytics solutions.

We have continued to focus key growth markets and we have extended our expertise beyond just surveillance, into offering smart IoT solutions and developing a range of AI technologies that tackle security, health & safety, and other operational challenges in key vertical markets, for businesses of all sizes.

2. What makes IDIS successful?

End-to-end vertical solutions

Customers are increasingly looking to work with single manufacturers capable of offering one-stop shop solutions that encompass surveillance equipment, video management software, storage, AI analytics, and network accessories. Working with one manufacturer saves time compared with managing multiple vendors. It also reduces maintenance burdens and means less hassle and lower labor costs, especially when it comes to large deployments.

We’re also seeing year-over-year increases in demand for integration with third-party systems, including access control, intruder, and site-specific security and safety solutions.

For example, we offer a range of cost-effective AI-powered analytics options, simple and affordable encoder integration with point-of-sale (POS) systems, and compact yet powerful PTZs for retailers. For logistics, we offer a remote vehicle safety system that helps overcome the risk of common accidents, automated barcode scanning for the tracking of goods, and fisheye cameras that can cover up to four loading bays.

Our model of offering cost-free yet feature-rich IDIS Center client software for small to medium organizations or the enterprise-level yet modular and scalable IDIS Solution Suite VMS continues to pay off. Customers are now looking more closely at operating expenditure and lifecycle costs and often unfair licensing structures offered by traditional large scale surveillance applications. IDIS VMS Solution Suite is an attractive proposition without any ongoing maintenance fees or device connection costs, ensuring that users only pay once for the functions they really need and use. We can give customers a futureproof security platform with the ability to integrate with third-party systems and add deep learning analytics, while providing them with essential functions such as federation and video wall services with a simple one-off license.

We provide integrated products and solutions tailored to various verticals, including banking, retail, logistics, and government, in Thailand and several other countries. We believe that the true strength of IDIS lies in our “One Solution. One Company.” approach. By offering a comprehensive range of solutions under one roof, we can provide customized and efficient answers to the needs of each industry, regardless of size. This truly end-to-end approach sets us apart and enables us to deliver seamless and reliable solutions to our global customers.

3. Supercharging end-to-end solutions with IDIS deep learning

AI technologies are advancing rapidly, and we have been developing and training our own in-house IDIS Deep Learning Engine. Using deep neural network technology trained on vast data sets we have been able to demonstrate industry-leading accuracy. We are also meeting the application requirements of a wide range of businesses with a choice of edge AI cameras, simple add-on AI Boxes, and enterprise-class AI Boxes pre-configured with VMS.

We have a new line of IDIS NDAA-compliant edge AI cameras which are ideal for small to medium applications where security and domain awareness are crucial, or where highly accurate detection is needed most.

The AI Box for Retail (DV-1304) is a popular choice among retail and hospitality customers. It offers AI-powered in-store and customer intelligence ideal for small to medium shops, chain stores, hotels, and hospitality venues. It automates people counting, queue management, heat maps, occupancy monitoring, and delivers real-time activity data from single sites and branch-by-branch networks and franchises. The AI Box for Surveillance (DV-1304-A) provides users with all the benefits of AI-video without the need for analytics software or upgrades to edge AI cameras. By connecting the box to compatible DirectIP® NVRs, users can leverage their investments, and, with no ongoing license fees, they can benefit from accurate analytics, including object detection for people, cars, and bikes, along with line crossing, loitering detection, and face detection, as well as faster and more efficient event search.

The DV-3200 is an enterprise-class video analytics server with 64 channels. It comes with IDIS Solution Suite (ISS) VMS and IDIS Deep Learning Analytics pre-installed, improving event-detection reliability and reducing the burden of managing false-alarms from harmless environmental factors. It also comes with Instant Meta Filtering for quick incident investigation, allowing security teams to search based on eyewitness reports by color, object type, and quantity across multiple cameras, within minutes.

4. Continued global expansion

As part of our ongoing growth strategy, IDIS recently acquired US-based Costar Technologies, Inc., a pioneer in the megapixel (Arecont Vision) and ruggedized camera (CohuHD) market. IDIS and Costar Technologies, Inc. have a long-term existing ODM relationship, with Costar Video Systems already designed and made by IDIS.

This means both company’s products also seamlessly connect as end-to-end solutions, following the development of a new IDIS Lite protocol, so integrators will immediately benefit from plug-and-play and seamless connectivity.

The strong ties between the two companies also include strategic synergies such as the focus on sectors including education, logistics, and retail. For example, Costar’s multi-heads and bi-directional cameras are becoming more important, particularly in retail and hospitality, because they underpin the accuracy of AI-powered analytics.

Costar’s line-up will complement and extend IDIS’ range and drive further expansion not only in the US but globally. Many of Costar’s specialist cameras are designed for the most critical, sensitive environments, such as border security and transportation, specifically intelligent traffic applications (ITS), maritime ports, airports, and railways. The acquisition will allow IDIS to further expand in the critical infrastructure space.

Costar Technologies, Inc. also brings with it a network of over one hundred distributors and major systems integrators that have a global reach. The company has a portfolio of international, blue-chip end-user customers including Apple, Microsoft, and Citibank, many of which have facilities that stretch beyond the shores of North America. And it’s these multi-national US organizations that need to upgrade to NDAA-compliant technology across their entire global estates.

We have come a long way, in a relatively short time, establishing ourselves as a technology vendor with strong values and a commitment to delivering solutions that exceed expectations. We are looking forward with confidence to the challenges that lie ahead, and of course to the many opportunities



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