T3 SNAP PLUG™ and SNAP PLUG Tool are LAN plug setting tools that designed to make the LAN plug (RJ45 Modular Plug) setting to be a simple thing that anyone can do. Normally, the most time spending step to access the LAN head is when putting the cables in order into the plug head. The thicker cable is more difficult to enter the plug.

T3 SNAP PLUG™ is a specially designed LAN plug which allows you to pierce the LAN cable through the head that makes the LAN cable adjusting and setting into the plug head be easier, as well as the cable accuracy checking can be done easier without wasting much time as be ever, especially with the CAT6 type cable and above. In addition to helping you save time on the head, the T3 SNAP PLUG™ and SNAP PLUG Tool also helps to reduce errors in your LAN access, so you don't have to waste a lot of LAN heads. More than necessary due to wrong head entry Because in reality, how many times can you complete the LAN header at one time without having to change a new head, especially if entering the LAN head into a CAT6 or higher LAN cable.

T3 2

T3 3

Normal LAN plugs will cut the cable before setting into the head,
but T3 LAN plugs will set into the head before cutting the cable.

In general LAN cable setting is often to waste a time and problems in the process of cutting and adjusting the cables correctly. If cable cutting is too short, the cable will not reach the plug head that make the signal cannot be sent. If the cable cutting is too long, the cable may be throught out of the plug that eventhough the signal can be sent, but it may be has over LOSS value. So, even if the cable cutting is too short oer too long, it will not be the good thing for LAN cable setting.
By the new T3 plug concept design, we designed it to finish the cable set and adjust in LAN plug before cutting that makes you save so much time and reduce errors in setting the LAN cable.

T3 4

Optional accessory which help to fill the locking clip (tab) of the LAN plug.

"The plug setting is finished, but the locking clip is broken." Within any reason, after you complete the LAN plug setting, you will often find a trouble that what should you do if the LAN plug locking clip is broken. You may be ignore it if you use it yourself, but it will not make sense if this work will sending to the customers. That's why T3 designed SNAP PLUG SAVER as an accessory that will help you to repair and return the locking clip (tab) to your LAN plug. You can only easily pull the old locking clip that cannot be used (or broken) out and put SNAP PLUG SAVER into your LAN plug. Just like this, you can now get thelocking clip (tab) to lock your LAN plug back, and even if someone has brake it again or again, you just remove and put a new one in.

Lock it if you don't want anyone to mess. The special saving system for RJ45. Guaranteed not be pulled out.

T3 5

Sometimes that you have to wire and set the LAN plug to devices such as IP Camera, Access Point or IP Phone. You will often find problems that the LAN cable pulled out from the device and be the signal problem. So, it's better to lock it to make you not be afraid of pulled out or  messing from anyone.

The reason that the LAN cable is dropped from the device is always from:

  • Locking clip (tab) which locking the LAN plug is broken that makes LAN plug can't be locked with the LAN outlet of the device.
  • Somebody pulled out either accidentally or mindfully.
  • rat


  • Suitable for using with the general network, including network equipment installation for some kind of works that require certain network devices to be connected with the system all times, such as IP Camera, Digital Signage, VoIP, or Access Point, etc.
  • It's an accessory for using with the RJ45 Modular Plug.
  • Can be used with general RJ45 Modular Plugs.
  • Easy to use, by just cover the T3 SNAP LOCK ™ over the RJ45 Modular Plug.
  • When the RJ45 Modular Plug which covered by T3 SNAP LOCK ™ plug into any RJ45 Modular Jack, both sides will be securely locked together that can't be pulled out.
  • Use the Latch Saver to release the latch for removing the RJ45 Modular Plug from the socket.

T3 6

T3 SNAP LOCK™ can be worked with all RJ45 Modular Plug heads which be up to standard.

Not necessary to use only for the RJ45 Modular Plug of T3.




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