Hanwha Techwin launches Wisenet7 camera equipped with innovative technologies



Global video surveillance solution provider, Hanwha Techwin is launching a new product lineup equipped with Wisenet7 to tap into the global markets this month. Wisnet7 is a SoC developed by Hanwha Techwin, which encompasses 30 years of the core of video surveillance solutions and innovative technology.

The newly introduced Wisenet7 cameras (XNB-9002/8002, XND-9082RV/8082RV, XND-9082RF/8082RF, XNV-9082R/8082R, XNO-9082R/8082R) offer up to 4K high-resolution video providing clear and vivid images suitable for forensic search applications.

In addition to high-resolution, various functions such as ‘extreme WDR’, ‘noise reduction technology’, ‘lens distortion correction’ were installed to improve overall video quality.

The Wisenet7 SoC includes improved extreme WDR technology that reduces noise which occurs during the WDR imaging process. This provides clear and well contrasted images even in extreme backlighting conditions.

Advanced noise reduction technology of Wisenet7 uses different filters for moving and still areas within a camera’s field of view. This minimizes motion blur and improves edge and color definition of objects, making them easier to identify when viewing live video and during forensic review.

Wisenet7’s Lens Distortion Correction technology corrects video distortion created through the use of wide angle lenses, delivering video that more closely resembles what is seen through the human eye.

Cybersecurity is of the upmost importance in the video surveillance industry. Based on Hanwha Techwin’s 30 years of experience in innovative technology, it has released a product showcasing the industry’s highest level of cybersecurity policy.

Wisenet7 cameras use Hanwha Techwin’s proprietary device certificate issuing system which embeds unique certificates into each product during the manufacturing process. Hanwha Techwin’s security policies, including Secure Boot, Secure OS, Secure Storage, and Secure Open Platform ensure product cybersecurity at each step of the way.

“Hanwha Techwin is thrilled to not only custom develop SoC, the most important aspect of the camera, but also introduce an excellent camera product to the market” said a Hanwha Techwin representative.

[Reference] Wisenet7 Key Technology Introduction

– Exceptional 4K Resolution

Wisenet7 camera devices provide clear and vivid images in resolutions of up to 4K suitable for forensic search applications. Hanwha Techwin self-developed the F1.2 varifocal lens, the brightest among 4K lenses, are implemented to the 4K lineup.

– extreme WDR, brightens backlit, hidden areas

Wisenet7 adopted the new Local Contrast Enhancement technology for clearer image. Existing backlight correction technology maximized the range of variation (dynamic range) to integrate multi-frames. It was difficult to maintain the detailed edge of the video with this method due to lowered image contrast. Wisenet7 combines Local Contrast Enhancement technology to minimize contrast in multi-frame integration, providing clearer and edgier images without noise.

– Sharper and clearer images with enhanced noise reduction technology

Wisenet7 maximizes the edge or color representation of objects in low-light environments to identify object information. The noise reduction technology applied to Wisenet7 accurately analyzes information about moving as well as still objects in low-light environments and applies different filters to minimize drag or blurring of objects. In addition, Hanwha Techwin’s noise reduction algorithm was applied to significantly reduce noise.

– As seen by the human eye, high-quality images without distortion

Image distortion caused by lens refractive index requires a correction technique that fixes it. Wisenet7 perfectly corrects distortion caused by wide-angle lenses. Beyond the limits of the existing distortion correction technology, it is possible to view video as seen by the human eye without distortion when using wide-angle lenses with high refractive index.

– Offers End-to-End security solution with differentiated cybersecurity

Wisenet7 offers an end-to-end security solution that meets UL CAP and Secure by Default standards with outstanding cybersecurity measures. Important information is safely protected through Secure Boot/Secure OS/Secure Storage and product security was enhanced with the electronic signature of firmware/open platform. In the post-development manufacturing phase, security of the product itself was further enhanced by inserting unique certificates for each product through Hanwha Techwin’s own device certificate issuing system. This is a differentiated security policy that only Hanwha Techwin can offer with its own chip design technology.

Learn more about Wisenet7, please visit Wisenet7.com


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