SPECIAL INTERVIEW Mr. Pusit Anuchitthananant, Country Manager (Thailand) Security Business Group



About Hanwha Techwin:

Hanwha Techwin has taken its 30 years of technological prowess to build a renowned global security company.

Established in 1977, Hanwha Techwin’s advanced optical design, manufacturing, and image-processing technology have made it a global leader in video surveillance. We’re heavily investing in R&D to innovate and meet the ever-changing market needs. In so doing, we’ve been gaining recognition as a global top-tier company. By applying our experience and subject matter expertise to our product development, we’ve been able to create a complete line of security solutions, from cameras and recorders to integrated management software. Our products are designed to meet every application, including urban surveillance, retail, transportation, and banking.

We manufacture over 2.7 million video surveillance devices in South Korea, China, and Vietnam. We maintain the largest share of the South Korean video surveillance market. However, 75 percent of our total sales comes from our overseas markets.

Our products are sold through more than 16,000 global sales networks across Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, and Asia. The strength and breadth of our networks affords us the ability to market and sell our products directly to our customers.

Incorporating the next generation of technologies, such as deep learning, AI, and business intelligence, is at the core of what Hanwha Techwin is doing to ensure our portfolio of security solutions will catapult us to the forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We are becoming a global security solutions provider with industry-leading cybersecurity technology that offers customers the highest level of confidence and satisfaction.

In Thailand, we distribute WISENET products through our distributor, Bangkok OA Coms Co., Ltd., which is a reliable and professional company that has been operating its business in Thailand over 30 years. Bangkok OA Coms will be the sales and service support hubs for both new and existing customers, providing product stock, system design and consultancy, and various type of aftersales supports. This year, Hanwha Techwin launches STEP Partner Program to support new customers, adding values to the products such as standard product price, project price, product training and marketing supports, etc., and seamlessly coordinate with the distributor, to ensure coverage of all enquiries from the customers.

What are the key success of Hanwha Techwin?

Continuing since 2018, we promote our security product under WISENET as the trademark, with slogan “WE MOVE as a brand of trust”, the products that reliable and trustable. We emphasize on 5 commercial values which are Business Ethics, Good Product Range, Best Quality Product, Cybersecurity and Value for Money & Affordable Price, details as following:

Business Ethics – We give importance on business ethics for our customers and alliance partners. This year we launch STEP Partner Program that focus on supporting our partners in all dimensions such as Channel Partners (System Integrators, Installers and Value Added Resellers), A&E Partners (Architectures and Engineering Consultants), Client Partners (End Users), Application Partners (ISV, Application Companies and 3rd Party Software/Hardware and Technology Partner (Storage Device, Network, System, Display, etc.). For Channel Partner this year, we support our customers on Sales (regular product price and project price, project registration and support), Marketing (demo product support, event and other marketing tools supports), and Engineering (system design and integration, design and calculation tools and on-site engineer support).

Good Product Range – WISENET has wide range product lines covering all application enquiries and market demands. For CCTV products, we focus on developing for the best network cameras, staring with X Series, which is our flagship products for mid to sizable projects due to its unique features (e.g. 150dB WDR, Low Light Performance, Sound Classification Analytic, Gyro DIS, etc.. Q Series, the entry-level, cost effective, IP camera suits for all general requirements. P Series, which is our premium lineup (AI, 4K-8K, Multi-sensors and Fisheye cameras). T Series, the vertical focused lineup (Explosion Proof, Thermal and Radiometric cameras). For the analog enquiries, we also have HD+ Series or Analog HD (AHD) lineup available. Moreover, we have the WISENET Access Control System, and we are going to have WISENET IP Public Address, to cover more various, vertical-focused market in the future.

Best Quality Product – To become the world-leading brand, we put importance to the product testing in various ways, starting with the product R&D, product quality test, up until packaging and transportation of the products, this includes Distribution Environment Test, Power Environment Test, Climate Environment Test / Abrasion Test and Image Quality Assessment, etc. We can foresee the product specific lifetime and able to issue the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) report that gives confidence in product quality. We ensure our product quality by providing 3-5 years warranty to the market, to guarantee on our product quality.

Cyber Security – As mentioned earlier, we give priority regarding the cyber security. Due to cyber-attacks through backdoor code or other network channel is currently considering as network system threat. Hanwha Techwin, therefore, analyzed and examined for all attackable methods of the system, from the stage of product development by our own cyber security personnel and various expertized institutions. The strictness on User Authentication, Database & Firmware Encryption, Backdoor Removal, and ID & Password enforcement has been applied to all our products since 2014 onwards.

In addition, Hanwha Techwin has established a cyber-security risked response team, Security-Computer Emergency Response Team (S-CERT) to monitor and help managing in the event of an external cyber-attack, or in the case of various errors within the network security system. The S-CERT team liaises between Development Center and Security Council around the world, to make decisions and determine measurement to help our customers. Customers can report the incident to the S-CERT team at secure.cctv@hanwha.com at any time.

Value for Money and Affordable Price – We have set the price structure of our products to be suitable for the Thai market. We expect that, with various elements as earlier mentioned, from Business Ethics, Good Product Range, Best Quality Products and putting importance on Cyber Security since the beginning, shall make our product value for money, has reasonable price and can be definitely affordable.

The Current Technology of Hanwha Techwin

For this, I would like to refer the information recently revealed about “Top Video Surveillance Trends in 2020” by our top executive, Mr. Soon-Hong Ahn, President and CEO of Hanwha Techwin, which includes AI End-to-End Security Solutions, Cybersecurity, Cloud-based Data Insights, Privacy Protection and Vertical Specialized Solutions, details as following:

AI-End-to-End Security Solutions – As AI becomes more broadly adopted across industries, it is likely to become one of the most prominent surveillance trends in the upcoming year. Edge-based AI (which filters and processes data locally on a camera), will be more ubiquitous, enabling end-to-end AI technology. Today, most security cameras send the data they collect to servers to be analyzed. However, with edge-based AI, the data is analyzed by the camera first, and subsequently sent to the server. This reduces the burden of transferring and storing large amounts of data to a server, thereby increasing efficiency, saving time, and reducing server costs typically required to analyze data. In 2020, Hanwha Techwin will introduce edge-based AI cameras, as well as AI-powered NVRs and VMSs, to introduce end-to-end (camera to storage server and VMS) AI security solutions.

Cybersecurity – With IoT devices becoming ubiquitous, the importance of cybersecurity has never been more important. Today’s cyber-attacks are more intelligent and advanced than ever, so building cyber-resilient security systems is no longer an option, but an imperative.

Smart cities, factories, financial institutions and retailers today require scalable video surveillance solutions which are closely interconnected with other devices and networks, making the importance of cybersecurity paramount.

Strong cybersecurity has always been Hanwha Techwin’s priority and the company has been refining the technology since the beginning. The soon-to-be released Wisenet 7, the newest version of Hanwha Techwin’s own SoC (System on Chip), has been designed with the strongest cybersecurity features including a secure booting function and signed firmware for both software and hardware. Validated by the UL Cybersecurity Assurance Program (CAP) certification, Wisenet 7 ensures that users have access to the industry’s most advanced cybersecurity features.

Cloud-based Data Insight – According to IDC, a provider of information technology market intelligence, there will be about 175 zettabytes of data in the world by the year 2025, with much of it stored in the cloud and data centers around the world. At the same time, video surveillance solutions will go far beyond functioning as a simple monitoring tool to become an indispensable aid to organizations by providing useful insights that improve business operations. The importance of accessible cloud-based servers that can easily store and analyze the accumulated data, will also increase. Going beyond being an efficient storage repository, sophisticated analytics will use cloud processing to analyze the stored data and provide useful insights.

In 2020, Hanwha Techwin has already introduced Retail Insight 2.0, a new cloud-based solution designed to facilitate store management. Also on the pipeline, the Device Health Monitoring Cloud will monitor and manage video surveillance devices in real time.

Privacy Protection – Together with cybersecurity, Hanwha Techwin believes that the protection of personal data should be integral to the business ethics of a video surveillance company. By its very nature, the video data that is collected for security purposes almost always contains private information. Therefore, protecting surveillance data is imperative. Around the world, privacy protection laws are being introduced, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe, and the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) in the US. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), is also set to come into effect in January 2020. These laws will force the video surveillance industry to follow “privacy by design” best practices and renew their efforts to protect personal data from misuse and abuse. Organizations are increasingly aware of the dangers of private data breaches and they are becoming more discerning when choosing security products and solutions. Domestically, Hanwha Techwin provides a solution with VPM (Video Privacy Management) technology and has released its S-COP (Smart Cover of Privacy) lineup to comply with GDPR globally.

Vertical Specialized Solutions – Vertical markets in the security industry are increasingly requiring more specialized devices and solutions to meet their unique requirements. With the emergence of the fourth industrial revolution and 5G, the presence of smart verticals will be more prominent, and video surveillance companies must be ready to provide solutions for smart cities, factories, transportation and retail organizations. Hanwha Techwin already provides products for these verticals and plans to expand its lineup of specialized solutions in the near future to include asset management solutions with IoT technology.

Advancement in technologies such as AI, IoT and cloud will support new use cases in conjunction with existing devices and solutions to meet customers’ needs in various verticals, expanding the horizon of our industry. However, we must also be mindful of the social and ethical responsibility related to areas such as cybersecurity and private data protection. Sustained interest and investment in these areas must be regarded as an obligation to make sure our industry continues to thrive in the midst of rapid technological advancements.

Currently, the CCTV business is highly competitive. How does Hanwha Techwin look at this point? What is the plan for competition, and how to adjust the strategies to deal with this?

In the marketing that is highly competitive, we definitely must create a difference and value in the minds of customers and trading partners related, so that Hanwha Techwin and our WISENET products are recognized by new and existing customers. Our team and partners have tried hard in creating added value for our customers and partners through the importance of customer’s project registration, system and solution design, on-site support, stock ready policy, up to 5 years product warranty, presales & aftersales service. We continuously develop relationship with the End Users, System Integrators, Consultants and Ecosystem Partners via our STEP Partner Program this year.

What are the goals of Hanwha Techwin?

We aim to be the world’s leading security system provider, that has various products and solutions that meet all demands, for both diverse and specialized requirements. To be the company with an extensive Ecosystem Partners network, stable and has continuous sales growth.

As the executive of Hanwha Techwin in Thailand, what to do with economic issues and the issues with COVID-19 that should have a definite impact on dealers and customers in various projects, both public and private.

As known that the situation of COVID-19 inevitably affects the economic and social sectors. The only solution in this situation is to reduce the number of new infected people to zero as fast as possible. Therefore, Social Distancing or social spacing is currently the only solution in this situation, which Hanwha Techwin and our main distributor strictly respond to the government control measures by adapting and using Conference Call technology as the main source for meetings, communicating, and providing support to customers in various matters, to ensure that our partners continue to receive the best possible service.  Although, there are many projects affected by the situation currently, but there are still also many projects that request for our products and supports. We hope that the situation will be improving soon.

Moreover, Hanwha Techwin is currently developing camera solutions for accurate body temperature detection that meet the standard, which is expected to be launched within this year.

Any words for the customers, partners and dealers in Thailand?

Everything that I have stated above is something that me myself and my team, along with all executives intends to communicate to the product users, partners, trading alliances, and those are who interested in our WISENET products, are informed about our business practices. Because good business ethics policy comes from the vision of the top management of the company that has good ethics and international itself. This motivates every single step of our works, in order to achieve excellent quality products, deliver through professional sales and marketing support team. We will not stop to improve in all areas, to represent “The Brand of Trust” in the mind of our customers, like our slogan

“We move as a brand of Trust”.


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