Perimeter Intrusion Detection System ~ The Necessity of Security for Solar Farm Business ~



With over 35 year experience, OPTEX`s detection solutions are extremely stable and reliable.

            OPTEX Sensors can detect presence and intrusion in all types of challenging environment and over a wide range of detection distance. Delivering effective reliable and innovative solutions since 1979.

            Solar power farms developed in remote, isolated and unattended area are common target for theft of copper wire cable. Many solar power plants without adequate security measures suffer the damage of such thefts all over the world.

            “Direct Material Cost” of a Solar Power Plant that an operator should consider are as follows:


Perimeter Intrusion Detection System 2

  1. Entrance Gate
  2. Place where car can be parked alongside
  3. Around PCS(Power Conditioning System) where many cables gathers
  4. Main Cables
  5. Cutting-Breaking




Perimeter Intrusion Detection System 3


  1. Solution has layers of security with visual verification.
  2. It converts normal metal fence into sensing fence as first layer of security. It provides deterrence and detection both on the first layer itself.
  3. Intruder doesn`t need to touch the OFC in order to raise an alarm. An intruder climbing up the fence will produce vibrations which is captured by the device and sends the alarm signal to the APU with Zone notification.
  4. Beam detector in layer 2 very difficult to identify by the intruder hence difficult to bypass.
  5. Extra protection is provided around PCS and entrance using Laser sensors (REDSCAN)



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