DEPA forming the eastern smart city



depa eastern

DEPA strongly advanced, EEC forming the smart city in the eastern region, organizing “Smart City Thailand Roadshow” by let the city leaders come for coaching the area development to be sustainable potential.

            Dr. Monsak Zocharoentham, Director of Smart City Promoting Department, DEPA, said that the smart city strategy Is the interesting subject of the governments around the world. Many countries have started developing for a while, by the smart city development principle is the city that takes advantage from the modern and intelligent technologies and innovations to increase the efficiency of services and city management by reduce the cost and city’s resources usage and target population by focusing on the good design and people for developing the smart cities under the development concept of habitable and modern cities for the people having the good quality of life and sustainable happiness.

            By the way, DEPA organized the “Smart City Thailand Roadshow” exhibition in Khon Kaen, Yala, Phitsanulok, Krabi and Chonburi. And the next time will be organized at DEPA Building, Ladprao on 30 July 2019, for achieving the city development that responding to the government’s smart city development policy that will spread the prosperity into each region, expecting that the development model will be created for ASEAN. And especially this year, Thailand as Chairman of ASEAN will be the host of the ASEAN Smart Cities Network (ASCN) to create the development pattern of 26 cities of the member countries by creating the lessons from the diverse development of each city in Thailand.

            For Chonburi, the important province of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), with 16 industrial estates, 2 industrial lands, 20 government and private education agencies, that make it be the important labor recruiter to labor market. There are many transportation routes, including land, water, rail and air, that will be network linked together in the future. And the province also being the travel point that has all attractions, such as natural, historical, culture, adventure activities and the world-famous international attractions.