Hanwha Vision Unveils X series AI-Powered PTZ Plus Lineup



Smart Solutions for Safer Cities

Hanwha Vision, the leading global provider of cutting-edge vision solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovation: X series AI PTZ Plus camera. This new addition to the PTZ Plus lineup incorporates advanced AI technology, offering efficient analysis and management of large data sets, enhanced video quality, and optimal monitoring efficiency day and night. By leveraging this groundbreaking technology, the AI PTZ Plus camera effectively meets the ever-growing demands of both customers and the market.

With the integration of AI, real-time detection and classification of people, faces, vehicles, and license plates are now possible in PTZ series. This capability allows for the effective filtering of extraneous objects, ensuring that only pertinent information is collected, thereby guaranteeing unwavering precision in analysis and maximized search efficiency.

One notable feature of the camera is its auto-tracking functionality driven by the upgraded AI engine. The feature allows the camera to automatically track targets while distinguishing between people and vehicles and seamlessly tracks even small objects in challenging low-light and complex nocturnal scenarios. The camera also offers a target lock feature, providing users with the ability to precisely lock onto specific targets of interest. Furthermore, a missing object redirection capability swiftly recovers temporarily lost targets, allowing uninterrupted tracking despite unforeseen disruptions. No detail eludes the camera’s vigilant monitoring, delivering comprehensive surveillance and reassurance.

To enhance video quality, the camera incorporates advanced noise reduction techniques such as WiseNRII, which employs AI algorithms to minimize the noise in low-light environments, and the Prefer Shutter feature, which automatically adjusts the shutter speed to reduce motion blur. Together, these techniques ensure vivid, crisp, and pristine image monitoring.

For optimized bandwidth usage and storage management, the camera utilizes the latest video compression technology, WiseStreamIII. This technology can reduce bandwidth by up to 80% without compromising video quality, enabling efficient utilization of network resources and effective video storage management.

The X series AI PTZ Plus lineup is designed with a focus on simplicity and durability. With a single RJ45 terminal, cable connection becomes effortless and swift. Additionally, the inclusion of a flexible cable bush eliminates the need for additional waterproofing work, effectively preventing water ingress and ensuring enhanced protection.

While the AI PTZ Plus lineup provides versatile applications across diverse environments, its true value is most pronounced in the context of smart city solutions, particularly for urban safety monitoring and road and traffic management. These cameras demonstrate exceptional performance in scenarios that require swift analysis and effective management of extensive data sets derived from monitoring various objects, encompassing people and vehicles.

A representative from Hanwha Vision stated, “The AI PTZ Plus lineup is poised to enhance video data analysis and management through its advanced AI capabilities. Leveraging the inherent characteristics of PTZ cameras, which enable 360-degree monitoring, these cameras exhibit remarkable versatility, transcending limitations posed by nighttime conditions and environmental factors. Consequently, they prove highly valuable not only in smart city settings but also in areas requiring comprehensive surveillance, such as airports, railways, commercial facilities, and factories.”


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