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The IDIS Smart Factory brings the IDIS Total Solution together using a “smart” flexible production system. Utilizing big data to modularize and refine production processes, the IDIS Smart Factory adjusts to meet any requirement easily. Every process is computerized — from material warehousing to management, production, function tests and even packaging.

            From the first step to the last, next-generation tracking, automation, and monitoring ensures assembly, testing, and calibration proceed according to strict standards. If a product is missing materials or doesn’t pass a test, it does not proceed to the next stage. This blocks potential defects and improves speed, quality, and consistency—enhancing both productivity and customer satisfaction.

Smart Factory 2

The IDIS Smart Factory Ensures Consistently High Quality and Performance

IDIS leverages a production management platform and client monitoring system to maximize visibility and performance

  • Barcodes enable real time tracking, monitoring, and process control
  • Continuous capture of data ensures real-time issue mitigation and ongoing process refinement

IDIS uses small quantity batch production for responsive and efficient manufacturing

  • Small batch production ensures high quality without increasing costs with rapid identification and resolution of issues and close attention to even the smallest details
  • Increased flexibility from small batch production allows for continuous improvement and responsive adjustments to meet market needs

IDIS quality is guaranteed by through superior quality control

  • Rigorous and meticulous testing, alongside tightly controlled processes, guarantee IDIS’s signature quality, reliability, and performance
  • Integrating technology and manufacturing best practices boosts productivity, reduces defects, and improves consistency



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