ILINK won the auction of HV Submarine Jointer and the Thai Army Communication Project



Mr. Sombat Anantarumporn, CEO and President of the Interlink Communication Public Company Limited Group or ILINK revealed that after the company joined the auction of the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA), the company won the auction of the Sub sea join, Submarine Cable 115 KV purchasing project in the total amount over 30 million baht. Meanwhile, the company also won the bidding for the fiber optic system installation project From the Directorate of Joint Communication, The Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters that value is around 99 million baht that can be completed and be delivered within 2019. So, it’s made the revenue can be gradually estimated higher than the target around 5,485 million. And There are expecting that after the completion of the new government forming will be affected to the Thailand’s economy that will make the cable distribution business, the main business of the company can be continued to grow also.

company information:

Interlink Communication PCL. consists of 3 businesses: the distribution business, they are the largest signal importer and distributor in ASEAN that operated more than 32 years with 5 branches nationwide. There are more than 15,000 traders and shop, including more than 100 government clients. Moreover, they bring their mastery to produce the other business, Telecommunication business, by being the fiber optic network communication service provider throughout Thailand. They focus on the branch linking customers both of business sector, financial sector, and government sector. They also built the data center to provide the big account’s information keeping service as well, and one more business that brings the expertise of the engineering team to do the project contracting, Engineering business. It’s a turn-key project for the construction of network system, electrical cable and communication systems. Such as submarine electrical cable system, underground power transmission and cable wires project, etc.

In 2019, they target the revenue at 5,485 million baht by estimating the revenue proportion as follows:

1. Signal cable distribution business (DISTRIBUTION): (Revenue proportion around 45%)
2. Telecommunication business (TELECOM): ((Revenue proportion approximately 37%)
3. Engineering and special projects (ENGINEERING): ((Revenue proportion around 18%)




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