Hikvision Turbo HD 5.0



Since Hikvision has launched Turbo HD technology in 2013, it has been received well accept from the market and security industry professionals. From changing the image signal from analog to HD digital image signal, using coaxial cable to send video signal and electricity simultaneously, highest resolution at 4K, along with improving the video images compression performance in H.265+ for reducing bandwidth and storage space usage.

TURBO HD 5.0, Superior performance

The latest Turbo HD technology, named Turbo HD 5.0, comes with the advanced security surveillance capabilities, both of using the AI technology and 24-hour color displaying.

HD 2

HD 3

AcuSense Turbo HD DVR

Common recorder can generally alert the movement of some object, but they can’t analyze that it’s the movement of which thing that will affect to be the false alerts directly to users. But with the AcuSense DVR’s ability will priority focus notifying the movement caused by people or vehicles because they are the easiest to have anything happen, that reduces the false alarms effectively.

ColorVu Turbo HD Camera

Common CCTV cameras provide color images only in the daytime and turn to the infrared mode as a black and white image in the nighttime that will make the image unclear. ColorVu technology will provide color images for 24-hours thouroughly and brighten the image by maintaining the object details in its entirety that making security surveillance more effective.

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