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With the continuously developed over three decades technology:

  • When the switch is broken, can plug the new one to replace right now. Auto-Recovery function will help to restore automatically within 10 minutes without using a technician to help to setting.
  • Daily Auto-Backup both firmware and settings automatically.
  • Apply all by only once command typing.
  • Don’t need to remember the IP address of the switch anymore due to AWF will talk by the hostname name.


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  • Convergence Time faster than Spanning Tree for 40 times (~ 50 ms).
  • Can select the VLAN to prevent the loop as needed.
  • Unlimited number of switches per ring.
  • Available for almost all models with no need to pay license fees.
  • Easy setting, use command only 4 lines.
  • Applicable to various types both of ring and mesh.


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  • Easy to do HA, just connect 10 Gbps lines to each other. Can be used both of short and long range.
  • Everyone works simultaneously, make double performance.
  • By one ordering, the switch will calculate and then reboot each other (Rolling Reboot).
  • Can operate Cross Chassis Link Aggregation, fabulous stability increasing.
  • Use the same MAC address (Virtual MAC) to transfer data, that will be unbroken to make anyone damaged.

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Be without toxins

            RoHS is the international agreement for the electronic devices production by determining the amount of human hazardous substances usage, such as lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium valent 6, polyatomic biphenyl bromine to be not exceeding 0.1% of the equipment weight.

            Allied Telesis do the equipment manufacturing in accordance with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS), that you can check the supported models from the product information on the website according to this following link:

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Energy saving


            Allied Telesis has the concept of worthy resources using in the cost-effective manner and saving energy as a base of all network equipment production. Therefore, it’s the reason that our equipment has the power consumption level clearly less than another brand’s equipment. For example, the SBx8112 switch device has the lowest power consumption rate in the market when compared to the other devices with the same level of capability (1200W).

            Allied Telesis’s devices also use energy-saving technologies based on the Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) standard which helps to increase power usage flexibility for network devices because the device will highly reduce power consumption when there is no data transferring (Idle time) but does not reduce the efficiency due to when transferring data again The device will quickly recover it’s condition (Wake up period).

            Therefore, it will be assured that the Allied Telesis’s device selection will be answered all of the academy requirements. It’s also saving energy, safe for life, and be the worthy investment. If interested in more details, please contact Allied Telesis Thailand at 02-677-7474

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